domingo, marzo 03, 2013

URGENT: Cacique Sabino Romero Assassinated -- URGENTE: Asesinado Cacique Sabino Romero


At 8PM this evening, Sunday March 3rd, 2013 for unknown motives and circumstances, on the road from el Yaza to Tokuko, the Cacique (“Chief”) of the Yukpa People and leader of the struggle for the land of his people, Sabino Romero, was gravely wounded and subsequently died from his injuries. Romero´s daughter Zenaida Romero reports that her mother was also injured during the ambush that took her father´s life.

Sabino Romero and his people have been systematically killed and criminalized, accused of being criminals by local right-wing and Chavista authorities, cattle ranchers, and the military with complicity of the Central Government that has mining projects planned for that region with Chinese companies.

The streams and mountains of the Yukpa territory in the Perija Mountains is a region with many economic interests and who Sabino and his community have continued a sustained fight for a true demarcation of their territory. We hold the national government responsible for allowing an announced murder that was encouraged through a continued campaign by several of its Ministers.
Social movements, activists and other in solidarity are mobilizing right now in Caracas to express their indignation of this murder.

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