jueves, diciembre 13, 2012

Polinizaciones on Tour in Florida / Southeast US

In early 2013 Polinizaciones will be in the United States for a limited time to offer informational workshops about the struggles of different communities engaged in struggles against resource extraction projects in their territories in Colombia and Venezuela. With photographs, stories, maps, and the screening of the film "El Gigante", this workshop is an innovative way to teach about the people, environment, and land in Colombia and Venezuela.

The tour is planned for January 2013 but could be extended to February if there is interest. We are looking to make stops at community spaces, universities, high schools, cultural centers and other spaces interested in the workshop. Polinizaciones will be on the road from the Florida Panhandle to the Everglades -- if there is interest elsewhere, please contact us to discuss possibilities for bringing the tour your way.

Polinizaciones is a grassroots process that works to develop a deeper understanding of “ourstories” and lives within colonization and globalization, using an array of educational and communication methods with communities engaged in land defense struggles. Polinizaciones, mostly active in Colombia and other parts of South America, began with the initiative of several people in the region to incorporate the graphics of the Beehive Design Collective into the strategies of their communities and social movements.

Over the past five years, Polinizaciones has been building solidarity with various communities that are currently resisting the destruction of their territories, through working with youth, elders, and educators on arts, media, and communication projects that strengthen struggles for the defense of Mother Earth. While Polinizaciones started as a mobile process, it is currently based in La Jagua, Huila, Colombia and is a member of the Association of People Affected by the Quimbo Hydroelectric Project. There are also ongoing projects in Putumayo and with organizations of the Wayuu Nation in Colombia and Venezuela.

This Polinizaciones tour is especially committed to sharing these Southern Winds of Resistance with immigrant communities and communities of color in the US. Presentations are available in English and Spanish.

For more information please visit http://polinizaciones.blogspot.com or contact Entre Aguas at polinizaciones@gmail.com.