lunes, enero 04, 2016

Pollinating the Cultural Center of the Gaitan Neighborhood in Bucaramanga

The Cultural Center of the Gaitan Neighborhood is in the comuna 4 of the city of Bucaramanga. The area is composed of some residential neighborhoods surrounded by automobile mechanic garages, small factories and industry.  It opened its doors in November 2012 as a popular library eventually becoming a space for different cultural activities.

The center is dedicated to self-reliance and DIY- do it yourself, fostering a space where different activities can occur that all promote unity and struggle again the current political and economic model. It is a space that seeks to establish other types of relationships based in mutual aid and recognition.

The cultural center is a space that seeks to destroy coercive relationships and against the idea of institutional authority and creates incentive for individual and collective development by means of direct action and social mobilizations.

The space has continued to function without interruptions, periodically realizing activities that seek to nurture the proposals coming from different participants and both individual and collective development.

A cultural center with open doors where humbly the ideas and offerings from different peoples who have visited from different places from the Latin American geography have been received.

Overcoming all adversities, this initiative has gone where its love for life and freedom have enabled it to. Where those people who are seeking freedom and support the struggle against a system that is totally immoral, criminal and unjust will always welcome.

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