jueves, diciembre 05, 2013

Polinizaciones launches ¡Mesoamérica Resiste! in the Colombian Amazon!!

After a fruitful month of pollinating, sharing stories, and exchanging experiences in Guatemala, the pollinator bees return to Colombia.

The bees of the Beehive Collective are buzzing around everywhere right now, to spread the word about printing and distributing our new graphic campaign: ¡Mesoamérica Resiste! We recently met and exceeded our fundraising goal on Kickstarter, and there are still 5 days to go! Please buzz on over to our Kickstarter page and share the video with friends! And if you can, chip in to support the project! Each honey drop of support helps us raise the necessary funds to print and distribute copies of Mesoamérica Resiste to communities who struggle daily against megaprojects and policies of extractivism in their territories - in this hemisphere, and around the world.

Back in Colombia, we had the opportunity to visit a territory near where we live in the Upper Magdalena for the first time, the Department of Caquetá. We were only there for a few days, but we are already planning a return trip. We saw how even though this region is most known for drug trafficking, aerial fumigations, violence and displacement, there are also inspiring stories of struggle and resistance from the communities. 

On this first visit we were able to share some storytellings of the Plan Colombia and Mesoamérica Resiste graphic campaigns in the University of Amazonia and the Education Institute Friends of Jean Piaget. Everyone was excited to see the graphic campaigns; folks actively participated in the storytelling and proposed different ideas for future collaborations.  

While visiting Caquetá we learned about some of the social and environmental problems caused by the oil companies. For example, the Canadian company Pacific Rubiales has violated the rights of many communities throughout Caquetá, and is also well known for their repression in departments such as Meta and Casanare.

Next year, we the bees of Polinizaciones are planning multiple tours to help distribute Mesoamérica Resiste and other graphic campaigns wherever we are able to, throughout Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Part of this process will include returning to Caquetá, to be able to visit for more time and get to know, learn and share with the communities that struggle daily to remain in their territories, free and autonomous.

In the meanwhile, little by little, other bees will continue pollinating throughout all corners of the globe, wherever local communities invite and welcome us!

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