lunes, febrero 13, 2012

Urgent: This Tuesday, TOMORROW, Protests for the Defense of the River and Local Populations!!

Tomorrow, there is an order from the mayor of the of Paicol to remove the fisher-people, campesinos, small miners and other local inhabitants who are in the Regional Strike for the Defense of the Territory in the area of Domingo Arias blocking the planned diverting of the Magdalena River. Asoquimbo is calling for everyone who can to convene on the Paso del Colegio Bridge tomorrow to defend the rights of the river and the local inhabitants. For those who can not make it to region please convene on your local Colombian Embassy or Consulate to deliver messages of support.

Please sign and send the following online petitions and they can be used as print out letters to take to Embassies and Consulates:

CENSAT Agua Viva

Colombian Embassies Consulates:

U.S. Embassy of Colombia
2118 Leroy Place, NW
Washington, DC 20008

U.S. Consulates

Canadian Embassy and Consuls

List of Colombian Embassies All Over the World

Messages can also be sent to these Power Holders:

President Juan Manuel Santos Comment Page and Phone Number

Minister of Environment
Frank Pearl
011 57 332 3400

Minister of Interior German Vargas Lleras
011 57 2 42 74 00 Complaint Line 01-800-09-11170 -

Comptrollers Office - 57 1 3537700

Ombudsman Office
(571) 5878750 - / /

Defensoria del Pueblo -
57 1 3147300

Huila Office
Defensora Constanza Dorian Arias Perdomo
Secretaria: Martha Cecilia Ibarra
57 8 8710402 - Fax: (57) (8) 8710899

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