martes, febrero 21, 2012

Solidarity Action in NYC with the Communities of el Quimbo / Movilización Solidaria en Nueva York con las Comunidades Afectadas por el Quimbo

Colombia Consualte NYC, 10 East 46th St , New York, NY 10176

Came and protest the violence of the COLOMBIA STATE TERRORISM against the community of Quimbo that is defending their land. We going to bring a letter to the Consul and ask the Colombia government to stop the violence.

The Quimbo Hydroelectric Project is the first dam to be built in Colombia entirely by a multinational corporation, Emgesa an affiliate of Endesa-Enel, as part of the policies of creating investor confidence that have been imposed by recent administrations. This policy gives all the guarantees and support to the private corporations in detriment of the communities whose rights are violated.

The Quimbo Hydroelectric Project will inundate about 20,400 acres stretching over 34 miles within its reservoir, some of the region´s most fertile land. This will destroy the food security of hundreds of communities that rely on small-scale fishing, coffee, tobacco and cacao, and artisanal miners and transport workers, among others that interact with the Magdalena River.


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