domingo, octubre 26, 2008

Transnational Minga - Una Minga Transnacional

Colombia Review: The Minga Continues
Colombia Review is a project of Pueblos en Camino and La Chiva


Continuing our previous coverage of the popular and indigenous Minga underway in Colombia, we have compiled a number of articles, communiques and audio and video material for you. This is by no means exhaustive, as new developments are flooding our inboxes every day. Still, we hope this synthesis will help you to translate consciousness into action. We would like to acknowledge the writing and translations of Mario Murillo, who has been a formidable force in these past months, producing excellent analyses and up to the minute coverage of what has been going on in Cauca. Check out his blog for regular updates on the situation:

We cannot emphasize enough the need for continued international pressure in support of the Minga, especially as the horrible news of bombings in Bogota and the habitual ignorance of the Colombian press in covering the Minga serve to distract and distort what is truly a monumental step towards increasing people power in Colombia.

At the bottom of this edition, please read our call to action, where we propose that the Minga be transnational. Now is the time to think of ways in which we can break the divisions imposed by distance, false borders and supposedly different realities. The pain of the Minga is being put into action: the word is being walked. Can we share that pain and take it on as our own? Can we make all causes our own and articulate transnational responses to transnational problems? We must!

La Chiva
No es No Carajo!

La Otra Colombia

Consejo Continental ABYA YALA se pronuncia ante agresión a la Minga de los Pueblos

Otra versión sobre el uso de armas de fuego contra la movilización indígena del Cauca

La hora de las vocerías y del futuro

Mensaje del Juez Baltazar Garzón a las Comunidades Indígenas de Colombia

First Nations students seek end to trade deal

No More Terror and Avarice: We propose a new path for the people for a new country

The Minga's Agenda Advancing

Pueblos en Camino: A Letter to Canadian Authorities on Cauca

La Chiva, Canada: Your Pain and Demands We Make Our Own

International Federation of Human Rights: No More Murders of Indigenous Peoples in Colombia

The Minga Continues: We are Neither, Nor Do We Condone, Terrorists

Who is Behind Today's Six Bomb Blasts in Bogotá?

To Cut Down a Rebellion

Media Representations of Popular Mobilizations Ignore Movement's Message

Indigenous Colombians Begin 10,000-Strong March Against Uribe Government

CNN Exposes what the Colombian Press Could Not

Rafael Coicue on CNN en espanol

Uribe miente: pruebas contundentes

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