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Pacific Coast Pollinating Ríos Vivos! Tour in Progress and Announcing 2016 Tour in the Mid Atlantic!!!!!

Currently The Beehive Design Collective is on the road with a visiting Bee from the Polinizaciones project in Abya Yala (South America), also sharing the experiences of the Ríos Vivos Movement in Colombia, is on tour through the Pacific Coast of Turtle Island (North America) and then onto the Florida pensinsula (southeast US)!!  

A Brand New addition is that the tour will continue in late January 2016 through the mid Atlantic cities of New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC!!! 

Let's cross-pollinate land defense movements from the north and south, swarm the system, and campaign for a freer and more just world!
Book us for a class at your university, a party at your house, a festival in your region, a workshop in your community center or library, a show at your favorite bar or cafe, a visit to your site of struggle, or something creative like a block party or collective action.

This collaborative tour will share stories from Ríos Vivos Colombia, the social movement of dam impacted communities that struggle for the defense of their territories and rivers, and for an energy model by and for the people, and also the work of Polinizaciones, a Beehive grassroots process that collaborates with communities impacted by resource extraction in the use of arts, culture, and communications as strategies for land defense in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

During this tour we have also been combining storytelling and presentations of our newest masterpiece MesoAmérica Resiste! with hip-hop performances and shows by Testament of Test Their Logik, a multi media presentation about Polinizaciones and Ríos Vivos, and public interventions and actions on issues of environmental and social justice. Unfortunately Test Their Logik is only with us for the Canadian portion of the tour.  Throughout the entire tour we are traveling with giant art murals, a fully stocked distro of activist art and literature, and stories, videos, and experiences to share.

The Pollinating Ríos Vivos Tour is also available and excited at the opportunity to be able to do presentations in Español.


Please email both: &

Dates: The tour is well under way, but we are still looking for collaborators across in the different regions to help us book workshops, shows, and talks. This is our tentative tour route, if you don't see your town listed get in touch and we'll do our best to squeeze you in!

October 8: Edmonton w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) - 5-11pm, Brittany's Lounge (10225 97 St)
October 9: Edmonton, iHuman w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
October 10: Fort St. John w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) - 1-3pm, Fort St. John Cultural Centre
October 11: Fort Fraser Farm w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
October 12: Unistoten Camp w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)October 13: Houston w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) - 5pm, Houston Community Hall
October 14: FREE
October 15: Prince George w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) @Witchhaus
October 16: Prince George w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) @UNBC
October 16: Wells - 9pm, Jack of Clubs Pub w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
October 17: Forest Grove @ Circle A Farm w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
October 18: Vancouver - 7:30pm, Red Gate Arts Society (855 E. Hastings) w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
October 19: Vancouver -daytime- tabling at SFU Burnaby, 5pm Spartacus Books
October 20: Tofino - 7pm @Darwin Cafe 1084 Pacific Rim Hwy
October 21: Ahousat w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
October 22: Courtenay w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) - 9PM @ The Mex
October 23: Victoria w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
October 24: Victoria w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) - 7pm, Camas Books & Infoshop (2620 Quadra)
October 25: Vancouver w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) - 7pm, 38 Blood Alley
October 26: Vancouver w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) 11:30am, Emily Carr University of Art & Design
October 27: Vancouver - 1:30 to 3:30pm, Capilano Univ (LB 322) Rios Vivos presentation at 7pm, Bosa Screening Room, also @Cap U
October 28: Surrey w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
October 29: Scw'exmx territory (Merritt) w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)- Culture Club
October 30: Kamloops w/ Testament (Test Their Logik) - 6pm, Barnacle Records (290 3rd Ave)
October 31: Secwepemc w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
November 1: Secwepemc w/ Testament (Test Their Logik)
November 2: Kelowna  @ Naked Cafe 571 Lawrence Ave 7pm

November 4: Tacoma @ UW- Tacoma 1:30-3:30pm
November 5: Tacoma @ UW- Tacoma 12:40-2:55pm
November 6: Seattle @ UW- Seattle More Hall Rm220 10:30-11:20am
November 6: Seattle @ CASA Latina (317 17th Ave S) 6:30pm
November 7: -
November 8: -

November 9: Olympia @ Evergreen 4pm
November 10: Seattle @ Cornish 10:30-11:20am & UW-Bothell 11am-5:30pm
November 11: Bend, Oregon @ Tin Pan Theater 869 NW Tin Pan Alley 8:30pm
November 12: Portland, Oregon @ Reed University 6:15pm
November 13: Corvallis, Oregon @ Oregon Stat U Noon
November 14: Klamath Falls @ Klamath Community College Commons area 11am
November 16: Willits (Mendocino, CA) @ Little Lake Grange
November 17: Davis @ UCDavis 3201 Hart Hall: Pollinating Rios Vivos 10-12am & Mesoamerica resiste 1-3pm
November 17: Sacramento @ Sol Collective @ 6:30pm
November 18: Oakland @ The PLACE (1121 64th St) @ 6pm
November 19: San Francisco @ San Francisco State University Student Center 1pm
November 19: Palo Alto @ Columbae House: Stanford University 6pm
November 20: San Jose @ evening community event
November 21: Oakland @ North California Climate Justice Mobilization (9am-1pm) and Stockton (235 North San Joaquin) St. 7pm
November 22: -
November 23 Santa Cruz @ Resource Center for Non-Violence (612 Ocean Street) 3pm
November 24: Santa Barbara @ UCSB 1-3pm
November 25: -
November 26: -
November 27: -
November 28: -
November 29: Los Angeles @ Casa del Sur (4163 S. Central Ave) 5pm
November 30: Riverside @ Blood Orange Infoshop 7pm
December 01: Los Angeles @ Amity Foundation (3745 South Grand Ave) 1-3pm
December 01:Los Angeles @ Kaos Network (4343 Leimert Blvd). 7:30-9pm

December 05: Tallahassee @ The Plant (517 West Gaines St)
December 06: -
December 07: -
December 08: -
December 09: Gainesville @ Civic Media Center (433 South Main St.) 7pm
December 10: -
December 11: Sarasota @ Nothing Arts Center (3910 Goodrich ave) 7pm
December 12: -
December 13: -
December 14: St. Petersburg @ St. Petersburg Community Acupuncture 1624 Central ave. 7:30pm
December 15: -
December 16: Miami @ MAST Academy 
December 17: -
December 18: Miami @

January 8: Homestead @ We Count! 7pm (en español)
January 9: Miami w/ One Struggle 1pm
January 13: Immokalee @ Coalition of Immokalee Workers 7pm (en español)

January 15: BOOK US IN NYC!!
January 16: BOOK US IN NYC!!
January 17: BOOK US IN NYC!!
January 18: BOOK US IN NYC!!
January 19: BOOK US IN NYC!!
January 22: North Philadelphia @ Temple U 
January 25: BOOK US IN DC!!
January 26: BOOK US IN DC!!
January 27: BOOK US IN DC!!
January 28: BOOK US IN DC!!
January 29: BOOK US IN DC!!
January 30: BOOK US IN DC!!


Pollinating Ríos Vivos
Polinizaciones is a grassroots process that collaborates with communities impacted by resource extraction in the use of arts, culture and communications as strategies for land defence in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.
The Ríos Vivos Movement Colombia is the social movement of dam affected communities in Colombia that struggle in defence of their territories and rivers, and for a energy model that is by and the for peoples.
Join us to learn how story-telling and art is used in these contexts, and build solidarity with someone that is part of this specific land defence movement. learn more here:

MesoAmérica Resiste Story-telling
MesoAmérica Resiste is the long awaited final instalment in the Beehive’s graphic trilogy about globalization in the Americas! This collaboratively produced educational illustration was created through an intensive process of grassroots research that started in 2004, when an initial team from the US, Canada, and Mexico traveled together from Mexico to Panama to meet with communities organizing against the mega-infrastructure projects of a regional integration plan then known as Plan Puebla Panama.
9 years in the making, the Mesoamérica Resiste graphic reflects the Beehive’s efforts to document and share diverse stories of communities defending their sovereignty and building alternatives to top-down development plans - especially organizing led by Indigenous peoples, who have fought back against colonialism and genocide for centuries.
More on the presentation at:

True Cost of Coal (ONLY IN CANADA)
The Beehive Collective is offering presentations and story-telling based on their "True Cost of Coal" banner. This graphic is especially relevant in regions that are still mining, moving, or burning coal, as well as to all those who work on climate change issues.

Hip-hop PERFORMANCE: Testament (Test Their Logik) (ONLY IN CANADA)
Using hip-hop to inspire political action and to deliver potent messages of social and environmental justice, Testament has developed a following amongst activists and hip-hop heads alike. He is a rapper, poet, organizer, movement strategist, and one half of TEST THEIR LOGIK; an Ontario-based hip-hop duo known widely for merging the consciousness of political activism with the attitude and directness of rap music. For 7 years they've toured this planet supporting social movements and freedom fighters at the frontlines of struggles against the tyranny and violence of the powerful. Their most recent album “BE” was well-received, getting heavy rotation on campus radio across Canada, and staying in the the top 10 on the hip-hop charts nationally for 10 weeks straight, and even hitting #1 at many stations across North America.

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